Ownership Highlight: Sabrina Cicchi

Sabrina Cicchi is the dynamic managing partner of ExecAssist and the CTO at The Option, two synergistic companies that have redefined how real estate businesses manage their administrative and operational needs. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for efficiency, Sabrina has built a reputation for delivering exceptional support services tailored to the unique demands of modern real estate and adjacent enterprises.

Sabrina has passed the exams and been licensed in Virginia, Arizona and Hawaii.  She is currently only licensed in Virginia. 

ExecAssist  specializes in providing top-notch executive assistance, administrative support, and strategic planning services. Sabrina's team at ExecAssist excels in handling the day-to-day tasks that keep real estate businesses running smoothly, allowing executives to focus on their core responsibilities. From calendar management and database engagement  to project management and marketing, ExecAssist ensures that every detail is meticulously managed.

The Option, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive suite of business solutions, including listing coordination, transaction management and database built out services. Sabrina's expertise in these areas has enabled The Option to craft high touch transaction management and robust systems that drive business growth and scalability.  The company is known for its ability to integrate seamlessly with clients' existing operations, providing strategic solutions that align with their real estate business goals.  Let the Option Handle Your Listing and Transactions TODAY!

The synergy between ExecAssist and The Option lies in their shared mission to empower businesses by streamlining operations and amplifying their market presence. ExecAssist takes care of the behind-the-scenes administrative work, while The Option focuses on getting deals to closing. Together, they provide a holistic approach to business management that covers both operational efficiency and strategic growth.

Sabrina's interests extend beyond her professional endeavors. She is passionate about continuous learning, and military spouse entrepreneurship. She also enjoys networking with other industry professionals and is an advocate for women in business, often participating in events and forums that promote female entrepreneurship.

In her personal life, Sabrina is an avid traveler, pickle baller and is a retired college athlete.  She enjoys exploring new cultures, which often inspires her innovative business strategies. She is also dedicated to wellness and incorporates mindfulness practices into her daily routine, believing that a balanced lifestyle contributes to professional success.

Sabrina Cicchi's visionary leadership and her ability to seamlessly integrate ExecAssist and The Option have made her a notable figure in the real estate business support services industry. Her commitment to excellence and her diverse interests not only drive the success of her companies but also inspire those around her.

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