RVG Vendor Partners

Of course, you may choose anyone you want. You don't have to pick someone from this list. River Valley Group cannot guarantee another person's work, or how they will work for you. This is just a list of companies our clients have had good experiences with in the past. 

Mortgage Companies:   

  • Northpointe, Craig Spencer (c) 502-641-4253 craig.spencer@northpointe.com  Local. Great service and communication.

Home Inspection Companies:  [do all inspections within 10 days of the accepted contract date] 

Termite Inspectors:  [do inspection within within 10 days of the accepted contract date  ]

  • Black Diamond Pest Control 502-585-1919 
  • Bright Pest Control 502-452-9600
  • OPC Pest Control 502-694-6696         
  • Home Team
  • Certainty

Mold and Radon Issues:

  • AquaLock, Jay Kraft 502-939-0204
  • Radon Systems of KY (502) 266-9548
  • Alpha Radon, 502-633-0907 (Shelby County)
  • Radon: Protect Environmental 502-410-5000 
  • Home Team
  • Certainty

Insurance Companies:   *Have this by the time of the closing. 

Call your auto insurance person and ask if there is a multi-line discount for buying auto and home insurance

  • Shelter Insurance, Michael Carroll 412-5720, or Kurt Pohlgeers, 859/341-5859 (licensed in KY, IN and OH)
  • Foundation Insurance, Jack Potthast, 502/822-2668
  • KY Farm Bureau, Ben Jenkins, 502/933-6240 (Jefferson County)

Closing Companies / Closing Attorney / Title Company:

  • English Law Group closing attorneys - 502-425-8717
  • Borders and Borders closing attorneys 502-894-9200

Moving Companies: 

  • Cardinal Moving -  (502) 599-2661
  • Margaret's Movers -  (502) 584-52343
  • Men & A Truck -  (502) 324-1718  

Home Warranty Companies:

Utilities:     Turn on your electricity, water, cable, internet and phone. Have this set up for the day you take ownership of the house:

  •         Gas and Electric LG&E – (502) 589-1444,  KU 502/633-5674, Shelby Energy 502/633-4420, LUC 502/222-9325, 
  •         Water Company & Sewer   -  (502) 583-6610 Louisville, 502/633-2840 Shelbyville,  502/722-8944 Simpsonville, 502/722-8110 City of Simpsonville (Sewer), 502/222-1690 Oldham County, 502/569-3600 Bullitt County
  •         Spectrum CLICK HERE Cable, phone, broadband internet
  •         DirecTV 877-848-1676
  •         AT&T 888-757-6500  phone, DSL internet
  •         TRASH - CITY SERVICE Garbage Collection for Louisville Metro  502-574-5000 (if you are leaving  Louisville, you have to leave your trash cans with your house).  Trash service in the city of Shelbyville is with Republic and it is billed with your water bill.859-263-2000
  •     TRASH - SUBURBS Most neighborhoods in the suburbs have their own private companies that come to get the trash. Call the Home Owners Association in your new neighborhood first, as sometimes they have negotiated a group rate for the entire subdivision.
  •         Trash company: Industrial Disposal (502) 638-9000 
  •         Trash company: Waste Management (502) 969-3145
  •         Trash company: Rumpke (502) 568-3800

City Services: TRASH PICK UP, RECYCLING, GOVERNMENT OFFICES, POLICE DISTRICT. When you buy a house in Louisville, you need to know who your city council members are, who your Congressperson is, and the date of your garbage, recycling and junk pick up. To find out about these services: here is an interactive map of city services and government offices and then enter your address. It will also show you which fire department division and police district you are in.